Why was my verification rejected?

The most common reasons for verification attempts to be rejected are related to

1) following the verification flow: 

  • The verification flow must be followed through as shown during the verification process so that the photos are taken in the correct order. 
  • Missing images - make sure to take photos of the front and back side of the document when you're using an ID card, driver's licence or residence permit to verify your identity. 
  • The "Portrait and document" part of the flow demands a photo of yourself while holding the document. Both the document and your face must be fully visible in the photo.
  • When using a passport for your verification, show the open data page of the passport. This page contains your portrait photo and all the necessary information used for verificaiton. 
  • The whole document must be within the shown frame so that the integrity of the document can be confirmed. 

2) quality of the images: 

  • The logic behind the quality of the photos is that if you cannot read the data on the photo you took, neither can our software. You can take multiple photos. If a photo was not in focus or done with bad lighting, feel free to re-take the photo. 
  • Try not to take photos against light or in very dark rooms. 
  • Do not cover any data on the document when holding it to take pictures. 
  • The photo on your document must have good enough quality to compare to the current portrait photo you're taking. 
  • All data on the document must be readable. If the document is dirty, please clean it. When the document is held in covers, remove them. 

More tips:

  • In your application, use your full legal name. Do not use nicknames, usernames or pseudonyms. 
  • Follow through the verification process independently. 
  • Before starting, be sure that your computer is allowed to use its webcam and that the lens is not covered in any way. 
  • Remove glasses, hats or headphones for the best comparison with your document's portrait photo. 

Alternatively, if none of your efforts help and you're repeatedly asked to re-submit your verification, it might help to try a different device or contact our support team who can guide you through the process at support@veriff.me

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